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PSE provides physical security assessments and design, electronics engineering, mission critical computer network and command center design, integration of acoustics, audio, visual, video, radio controls, and life safety/fire protection specialties as core expertise.

We develop planning concepts and strategies, yielding studies, specifications, and detailed drawings that exceed customer technology enterprise expectations.

PSE Provides

    • Exceptional Client Service
    • Focus on the Needs of Our Clients
    • Cost-effective, Efficient, and
      Successful Solutions
    • Security Systems without Downtime
    • Reliability and Project
      Management Continuity

What’s our definition of sustainability
Reliability and project management continuity. See our newest video describing our leadership in talent, continuity, and sustainability.

Security Consulting




How do I secure my network and the Internet of Everything?

The benefits of a physical infrastructure assessment of mission-critical networks clearly outweigh the costs of the potential downtime and reduction of service level associated with unmanaged infrastructure.

It is not uncommon for our staff to find complete networks in mission-critical facilities that have been expanded in multiple ways, on multiple enterprise platforms, and in various geographic areas with little as-built connection diagrams. Not even levels of service that are currently being provided in links.

Our routing and traffic study, while documenting the infrastructure of your network, provides a clear and concise documented survey of existing traffic, compliance with modern standard cyber security infrastructure, and an analysis of future expandability and needed capability. While roadways can precariously function with potholes, networks canít.



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