TRANSPORTATIONPennsylvania Turnpike Commission, PAPhiladelphia International Airport

Project Profile: Philadelphia International Airport, Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania

Project: Homeland Security & Airport Perimeter Designs

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC (PSE) provided engineering services for the redesign of Air Side Gate Access. PSE also provided engineering redesign for secondary gates, providing alternate entrance to the airport. PSE redesigned these secondary gates to be monitored and controlled by means of card readers, infrared detectors, and video surveillance.

This project also includes designing a canopy system for the pre-screening and screening areas for protection from environmental elements. This canopy system will include fire alarm, fire protection, and an intercom/paging system. In addition to providing security access control, PSE will be providing design options for snow melt systems for the gates.

The goal of this project is to improve security and correct inefficiencies and delays at this high-volume gate where delivery trucks enter the airport. PSE performed operational studies and vehicle monitoring as part of the planning process.

PSE’s scope of work includes:

  • Surveys of existing gates areas
  • Determine legacy infrastructure including fiber, electrical, communications, ductbanks, etc.
  • Determine legacy security system integration requirements including access control, CCTV, alarm monitoring, PLC networks, etc.
  • Investigate all existing service infrastructure including sewer, water, power, communications, and storm water
  • Conduct interview meetings to further define requirements
  • Review standards and codes
  • Generate narrative outlining of all findings and recommendations
  • Develop phasing plans for temporary access, construction, and system
  • Provide drawings of the proposed designs for gates areas
  • Provide narrative specifications
  • Provide estimates
  • Conduct review meetings
  • Screening Building will check for authorized credentials and will also include vehicle and personnel searches using back scatter x-ray technology and undercarriage video detection
  • Nuclear materials will be screened
  • Pre-screening building will serve as the credential verifiers and providers for individuals requiring access into the airport operations area
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