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Project Profile: Amtrak Homeland Security Protection Programs, Various cities, throughout United States

Project: Security & Communications Consulting

Security (8th Street Heavy Maintenance Yard, New York):

This project is uniquely relevant to the requirements for the SEPTA CEC Project. It entails homeland security and communications requirements for Amtrak in regard to protection of assets through counter-crime and counter-terrorism measures. Projects included maintenance and Owner’s areas in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Queens. Owner area security included responsibility for review of CCTV, gates, and other physical items. Los Angeles required maintenance and storage yards to be physically secured, as well as electronically monitored with an extensive barrier system that was completed with specialized fencing.

Northeast Corridor:

Another set of projects allocated to these task order arrangements included the Northeast Corridor tunnels and bridges including Bergen and Newark. Tunnel projects included counter-terrorism assessments and actions to electronically monitor and provide sensors for the surround upon intrusion into the tunnel by “warm body” objects. Networked CCTV surveillance was also provided. Study and assessments of all card access assets were provided for 15 cities including Chicago, Wilmington Penn Station, Philadelphia 30th Street Station, New York City Penn Station, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles, and Riverside, CA.

The study and assessments included a complete inventory of all card access systems, panels, connectivity, locations of the items, integration diagrams to show existing layouts, and all pertinent data bound into 15 separate binders to create as-record documentation along with all pertinent data.

The size of the project was unique from a national perspective and required a team of PSE evaluation specialists to complete and document all projects over the 2-year period.

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