Project Profile: Amtrak’s Baltimore/Washington Area Tunnel, Baltimore/Washington Area

Project: Homeland Security, Transportation & Consulting Service

Scope of Work:

Professional Systems Engineering, LLC (PSE) provided security consulting services addressing the entrances to three Amtrak tunnel sites (a total of six tunnels) located in the Baltimore/Washington area. The three tunnel sites consist of the BP tunnels in Baltimore (John Street, Wilson Street, and the Gilmore tunnel all located south of the Baltimore Station), the Union tunnels in Baltimore (1871 and 1934 tunnels both located north of the Baltimore Station), and the 1st Street tunnel located south of Union Station in Washington, DC. In addition, PSE reviewed, evaluated and provided recommendations regarding the current Emergency Response Plans for these tunnels.

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) is in the process of upgrading their security system at Baltimore/Washington area tunnels. PSE provided security consulting services for the existing security systems protecting their critical operations, and to make recommendations for upgrading the security posture of the sites. In addition, PSE reviewed, evaluated and provided recommendations regarding current Emergency Response Plans for these tunnels.

Security consulting services performed for Phase I:

  • Conducted interviews with Amtrak personnel
  • Evaluated the entrances to six tunnels, exterior fences, gates and barriers, and existing exterior lighting
  • Reviewed, evaluated and provided recommendations regarding current Emergency Response Plans
  • Established locations for additional lighting fixtures, CCTV cameras and intrusion detection alarm-monitored points
  • Developed a cabling/wiring scheme for the proposed system and a video switching and recording system
  • Provided recommendations for locations of digital video recorders, monitors, etc, and for software to control recording, to control access to video images and to track any changes within the camera viewing area
  • Established equipment types for all proposed security equipment
  • Prepared a report of findings and recommendations and detailed cost estimate for equipment and installation
  • Prepared a Basis of Design and Construction (BDC) for Phase II
Homeland Security
Transportation Systems Services

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