Project Profile: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, PA

Project: Allegheny Tunnel Lighting

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC completely designed the new tunnel lighting system in accordance with the latest codes, standards, and regulations and client requirements. The design included reusing the existing, manual-controlled, multi-level lighting control scheme to handle nighttime, daytime, and auxiliary mode where all lamps on all fixtures are energized. The design also addresses transition lighting and threshold lighting to minimize the ‘black hole’ effect. Counterbeam lighting is used for nighttime lighting and Probeam for threshold and transition zone lighting.

PSE was a key member of the Design-Build team for tunnel lighting consulting specialties. PSE worked closely with team members and the equipment manufacturers to provide high quality designs within code and PTC guidelines while ensuring the design is the most efficient and cost-effective.

Power System Design

  • New main tie main switchboard
  • Provided design for lighting control panels
  • Provided detailed one-line schematics of all equipment
  • Provided overload protection of all circuits that meet latest NFPA-70 code and state and local codes
  • Provided short circuit current ratings
  • All switchgear fulfilled the appropriate NFPA, ANSI, NEMA and UL standards
  • Calculated the size of all bus work and conductors
  • Designed main incoming circuit protection
  • Designed distribution circuit protection and disconnect
  • Designed equipment grounding system and provided grounding riser diagrams
  • Designed automatic transfer switches and circuits
  • Designed power and trip history monitoring system
  • Provided temporary electrical facilities design documents

Tunnel Lighting Design

  • Selected the luminaire manufacturer and model type
  • Provided the quantity and location of each type of fixture
  • Developed plans for all lighting zones
  • Designed luminaire installation assuring proper clearances, spacing and angles for proper tunnel lighting
  • Provided mounting details for the fixtures selected
  • Provided electrical interconnection details
  • Selected and specified all mounting hardware and anchors.
  • Specified housings, reflectors, ballast and starter assemblies
  • Provided lighting control diagrams and schematics
  • Provided detailed specifications for lighting equipment
  • Reviewed demolition plans to ensure they meet Quality Control Plan
  • UPS for emergency lighting with new AC cooling system
  • Provided all new power conductors and conduit system for lighting fixtures
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