HOSPITALSClifton T. Perkins Hospital CenterSaint Elizabeths Hospital

Project Profile: Saint Elizabeths Hospital, DC

Project: Physical & Electronic Security Systems Design, Fire Safety Training & Commissioning Services

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC staff established functional requirements for a new hospital security system including the grounds, and determined equipment re-use and integration with existing and new systems. The hospital was established in 1855 as the Government Hospital for the Insane. It was the first and only federal mental facility with a national scope. The complex is situated on more than 300 acres, and in the 1940s, housed over 7,000 patients. The hospital now houses 600 patients.

Our team recommended design techniques including “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design” (CPTED) principles for the site and parking areas. PSE staff prepared the security portion of the overall Pre-design report containing functional requirements for the security system encompassing alarm sensors and access control points, communications, surveillance, lighting, personnel processing, package screening and contraband detection, along with requirements for system interfaces, redundant/backup power and security system expansion.

PSE’s specialized experience in forensic facilities includes the first psychiatric institution in America, Friends Hospital, as well as the nations first federal psychiatric facility, Saint Elizabeths. Our experience in secure environments, while being sensitive to humane needs, sets our firm apart from ordinary design firms.

The Pre-design report serves as a foundation for the next stages of the project and for the design basis of the project. Our staff established the initial, high-level functional security requirements.

Electronic and Security Designs

  • Access control and monitoring
  • CCTV and digital video recording
  • Security intercom
  • Personal duress
  • Central control console

Physical Security Designs

  • Turnstiles
  • X-ray package screening
  • Personal search equipment

Security Operations

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Post Orders
  • Training

Perimeter Security Designs

  • Security fencing and gates
  • Redundant perimeter detection systems
  • Security lighting
  • Site CCTV

Life Safety Consulting Services

  • Fire safety plan
  • Fire evacuation plan and signage
  • Keying grouping and Hierarchy planning

Fire Safety Operations

  • Fire Evacuation Manual
  • DC Fire Approval
  • Integration with Security
Fencing and Facility Hardening Design & Commissioning
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