ENERGYSecurity Threat Assessment and Critical InfrastructureFermi 2 Nuclear Generating Station

Project Profile: Fermi 2 Nuclear Generating Station, Michigan

Project: Security Threat Assessment & Critical Infrastructure

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC conducted an on-site evaluation of the physical and electronic security systems for the Fermi 2 nuclear power plant. The plant has a capacity to produce 1139 megawatts from its boiling water reactors. The evaluation included perimeter barriers, perimeter intrusion detection, CCTV, lighting, access control, power supplies, computers, alarm stations, consoles, multiplexers, personnel screening/search entrance facility, licensing, documentation and procedures. PSE prepared a detailed assessment report containing alternatives, recommendations, drawings, schedule and a detailed cost estimate with cost benefit analysis.

Like many nuclear operators throughout the U.S., the events of 9/11 made security of nuclear generator stations a national homeland security priority. PSE met this challenge with experienced methodologies to address new NRC requirements for owners-controlled areas and general access.

Studies and Recommendations

  • Re-licensing application documentation support
  • Screening/search study for contractors, employees, and visitors
  • Perimeter threat assessment
  • Mitigation study of terrorist and criminal intent
  • Systems cost-benefit study and estimate
  • Defensive positions study
  • NRC post 9/11 owners’ area compliance

Critical Physical Infrastructure

  • New entrance facility design to withstand ballistic assault
  • New barrier placement design
  • New perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS)
  • New CCTV surveillance
  • Enhancements to central alarm system (CAS)
  • Enhancements to secondary alarm systems (SAS)
  • New high lumen perimeter lighting
Fermi 2 Nuclear Generating Station, Newport, MI
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