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Project Profile: Citgo Petroleum - Lake Charles Manufacturing, Louisiana

Project: Security Consulting Services

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering provided baseline threat and vulnerability assessment and security consulting services including a review of the designs to date for the upgrade of the security system at the Lake Charles Manufacturing Facility.

PSE surveyed, inspected, and assessed all existing refinery security devices, equipment, alarms, and monitoring systems currently installed. This included: fences, intrusion detection devices, surveillance equipment, and access control devices. Policy and procedures for the use of security equipment were addressed in a full threat and vulnerability assessment. PSE was responsible for CITGO obtaining a $14 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Our services included:

  • Applications review of the perimeter fence location and mechanical configuration of the fence
  • Applications review of the perimeter access control points including vehicle gates, vehicle barriers, and personnel entrance points
  • Review of the perimeter lighting system including fixture type(s), locations, pole type(s), light levels, perimeter coverage, light-to-dark ratio, and circulating to ensure compatibility with the proposed CCTV surveillance system and security force human surveillance requirements
  • Conducting an applications review of the proposed perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) including PIDS equipment type, zone lengths, zone break points (to match CCTV coverage), and power requirements
  • Conducting an applications review of the CCTV surveillance system
  • Conducting an applications review of the video monitoring, switching/control and recording system to support the proposed CCTV surveillance system, including the interface of the CCTV system with the PIDS
  • Review of the security computer access control and alarm monitoring system
  • Applications review of the Security communications system including telephone, radio, intercom/paging, for both facility and Local Law Enforcement Agency (LLEA) interface
  • Reviewed proposed locations for alarm-monitored points and proposed locations for duress alarms
  • Review of the overall security system wiring/cabling scheme for video, control, data, and power cabling for the proposed system
  • Review of the proposed security console layout and security control room arrangement to ensure ergonomic design concepts have been incorporated
  • Review of cost estimate(s) for the proposed equipment and system installation
  • Review of technical bid specification(s) for procurement and installation of the proposed security system
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