Project Profile: University of Pennsylvania

Project: Educational Technologies for Classroom & Laboratory Building

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC provided services for many projects. This encompassed audio, visual, video, acoustical and noise and vibration control systems. Systems ranged in variety from sophisticated remote control audio/visual systems with surround sound and comprehensive acoustical and vibration control planning to automated video “mock” courtroom electronics and remote control systems.

Our staff‘s association with the university extends back to 1982 when communications work included multiplexing for ARPANET, predecessor to the Internet. New underground communications networks with ductwork systems, which are still employed today, laid the ground- work for modern communication needs.

Acoustics and noise vibration control studies were developed for large classrooms and auditorium spaces throughout the campus in a wide variety of applications.

These included:

  • Annenberg School of Communications
  • Medical School - Historic Amphitheater
  • Leidy Laboratories Auditorium
  • Chemistry Auditorium
  • Myerson Laboratories Auditorium
  • Law School
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Our audio/visual experience started in the amphitheater that painter Thomas Eakins made famous, in his painting The Agnew Clinic (University of Pennsylvania, 1889), which still hangs outside of this marvelous room. State-of-the-art A/V and distribution systems were added to many spaces while vibration analysis using calibrated acellerometers were employed to reduce transformer noise.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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