CULTURALNMAJHNational Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA

Project Profile: National Museum of American Jewish History, Pennsylvania

Project: Technology Integration

Scope of Work: The National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) is building on a new site in Philadelphia’s Historic District on Independence Mall. Seeking expertise in integration of wired and wireless networks, conferencing capabilities, and tele/data/video services, Professional Systems Engineering (PSE) was chosen to design and deploy technology for this special mission to herald the assimilation of Jewry into the United States. Its five story 100,000 SF design will be a remarkable as the data/voice/video capabilities of the site to manage both historic content and museum transactions.

PSE’s first task was to provide an assessment of existing networks, connectivity issues, information technologies transition to the new site, and recommend a Unified Communication System UCS). This implementation of an “All Digital” site includes data/voice/video and conferencing using the latest secure appliance and network infrastructure that can handle both gift shop transactions and prevent denial-of-service attacks.

Our incoming services consulting required all bandwidth research, vendor transfer rate capabilities, citrix based VPN support, vmail-via-email support and network management and operations support design.

Program Assessment

  • Broadband service requirements
  • QOS determination
  • “All-Digital” viability
  • Budget determination

Technologies Services

  • Computer architecture design
  • High-speed fiber connectivity
  • Firewall specifications
  • Intrusion detection/deterance
  • Denial of service attack defense high-speed citrix solution
  • Network operations design
  • High-speed secure wireless

Voice and Video

  • Full unified communication system
  • VoIP phone structure
  • Rich automated attendant features
  • Video/teleconferencing for direct meetings
  • Audio/visual support


  • Incoming service analysis
  • Network management system specification
  • Transition services
  • Vendor negotiation and contract management
National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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