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Project Profile: Philadelphia Video Arraignment, Pennsylvania

Project: Informations Systems Assessment & Procurement Administration

Client: The City of Philadelphia

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC provided consulting engineering services for the design, RFP documentation and construction administration of a new H.320/H.323 compliant video arraignment/interview network. This system replaced an existing obsolete system. The system administration is in the Criminal Justice Center. Terminals are located in each police district, CFCF, City Hall, CJC and the Round House.

Designed Video Arraignment Terminal Units that consisted of codec units, 27” color monitors, 30 frames/second color video camera, audio handset with an auto-dialed telephone mounted in a hardened, secured enclosure. These units were installed in the police precincts throughout the City.

Designed Pre-Trial Units with 27” color monitors, 20 frames/second color video cameras, and microphones in hardened enclosures located in the traffic courts throughout the city.

Designed desktop Pre-Trial Interview Terminal Units consisting of computer, video card, SVGA color monitor, 30 frames/second cameras, and audio channel with handset. These units were located in the Public Defenders office.

Designed the Arraignment Courtroom Terminal Units at the Criminal Justice Center’s main Courthouse’s general and back-up courtrooms. These units consisted of computers, video cards, two 32” color monitors, SVGA monitors, three pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) color cameras with remote control system, microphones, push-to-talk intercom, telephones with auto-dial.

Designed System Administration Computer systems to contact and control the various sites with on screen site switching through Graphical User Interface (GUI) software. One administrative computer system was located at CJC main courthouse, and the other at the public defenders office building.

Design Included:

Courtroom Security
Courthouse and Administative Offices Technologies Services
  • ISDN, T1, PSTN
  • Bell Network Manager & DACS
  • Video Arraignment Cabinets, Desktops & Courtroom Terminals
  • Audio and Video Systems
  • H.320/H.323 Compliant CODECS
  • UPS Power for each arraignment, interview, and courtroom system
  • 33 Stations at 15 Sites
  • System Administration
  • Demolition of Existing
  • Ethernet Network Running TCP/IP Protocol
  • Pre-Trial Defendant Terminal
  • Courtroom Arraignment Terminals
  • Defendant Arraignment Terminals

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