COURTSTechnology Design Services  Kent County Courthouse Complex

Project Profile: Kent County Courthouse Complex, Delaware

Project: Technology Design Services

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC iprovided design/consulting services for courtroom technolgy, security, holding/detention control systems, courts security and building communications technology systems.

The Kent County Courthouse complex addition includes new court spaces and renovated judicial support spaces at the existing courthouse complex. The existing courthouse will have renovations to three (one ceremonial and two courts) existing courtrooms. The renovations and additions at the courthouse will be in two phases. Total space includes 120,000 SF of new and 40,000 SF of renovated courts space in the historic district.

The design of Kent County’s court systems feature a modular design concept. All courtrooms and hearing rooms include the infrastructure and equipment required to support minimal functions. Networked A/V control systems provide a flexible environment where devices for advanced features such as video annotation, video conferencing, and teleconferencing will be provided on portable carts. This approach allows the Courts to share equipment between court rooms on an as needed basis. This also allows the court to expand the number of advanced electronic court rooms as the funding become available without incurring costly renovation fees.

Kent County Courthouse Complex, Dover, DE
Courthouse and Administative Offices Technologies Services

Courtroom Technology

  • Touch screen A/V control system designed to simplify the operation of advanced courtroom technologies to improve the integration of advanced A/V systems into court proceedings
  • Digital Matrix Audio Mixing provides highest audio quality and flexible configuration to meet the requirements for sound reinforcement, court reporting, audio recording, and remote testimony and press coverage
  • Assisted Listening systems for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance provide in all courtrooms
  • Video displays for each courtroom position ensures all parties have the best vantage for viewing evidence presented
  • Video annotation system included in both the attorneys podium and witness booth allows for interactive evidence presentation
  • All courtrooms are configured to support real-time court reporting and multichannel digital courtroom audio recording
  • Bench conference Noise masking system provide speech privacy for bench conferences


  • Universal cabling system allows flexibility for using communications outlets for either telephones or computers.
  • CATV system provide access to local news in selected offices and public areas
  • Digital Docket Displays assist in directing the public to correct courtroom
  • Jury Pool presentation system designed to provide effective means of presenting jury orientation and assignment information


  • Screening area design and equipment consulting
  • Optical turnstiles
  • System integration
  • Card access systems
  • Detention control system
  • CCTV
  • Intercom

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