Project Profile: SCI Phoenix (Formerly SCI Graterford), Pennsylvania

Project: Bridging Document, Security & Technology Services

Scope of Work: Professional System Engineering, LLC provided correctional programming, space planning design, impact studies, threat/assault reduction, and PREA impact. the physical security, perimeter security, security electronics, detention hardware, technology, life safety, and communications consultant for the preparation of Bridging Documents for the proposed new SCI Phoenix facility for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS). This facilities will be constructed in a design/build effort at the site of the existing SCI Graterford with a proposed capacity of 4,100 beds. The new facility, SCI Phoenix will be located in close proximity and consist of two separate facilities — a maximum-security prison and a medium-security prison.

The two facilities will share a secure perimeter and support services building, but will have their own master control rooms and integrated security monitoring systems.

SCI Phoenix facility is a replacement project for one of the largest state correctional facilities. The expansion is the keystone to a major statewide rehabilitation and enlargement to handle a growing incarceration trend in Pennsylvania. Over $40 million in systems were specified by PSE for the proposed $431 million site allocation.

Physical Security

  • Security zoning
  • Impact/attack ratings
  • Hardening analysis
  • Control center design

Security Electronics

  • PLC control systems
  • Touchscreen control
  • Digital video
  • Intercom/paging
  • Wireless duress
  • Watch tour

Detention Hardware

  • Pneumatic locking system
  • Swing door detention locks
  • Sliding door detention locks
  • Gate locks

Life Safety

  • Shelter-in-place scenarios
  • IBC conditional use group IV
  • NFPA life safety I-3 analysis
  • Integration requirements

Perimeter Security

  • Security fencing
  • Multiple detection systems
  • Vehicle sallyport
  • Site digital video
  • Security lighting/controls


  • Data communications
  • Voice communications
  • Satellite TV distribution
  • Inmate phone infrastructure
  • Video conferencing
SCI Graterford
Detention, Jails, and Correctional Security Services
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