9-1-1/EOCSecurity Assessment & PlanningCounty of Delaware

Project Profile: Delaware County Emergency Services, PA

Project: Emergency Operations Center Consulting & Design Coordination

Scope of Work: Professional Systems Engineering, LLC (PSE) provided consulting and design coordination services through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) to provide an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) fitout to meet the needs of Delaware County, Pennsylvania in the event of a local, state, or federal emergency. The goal was to provide the capability of a scalable response to incidents ranging from small scale fires and accidents to a county wide disaster response. By using the latest state of the art design, the PSE design allowed for the phased sequential escalation of response based on the requirements of the incident. This approach followed the Delco EOC Renovation Theory in that it separated the Unified Command group from the Operations and Planning group and the Logistics and Finance group. Senior elected officials will be sequestered from the Command group. News media and some liaison groups will be separated from the remainder by keeping them in a briefing area thus allowing for better management of the incident.

An EOC is a complex facility that serves as a nerve center during both small emergencies and large disasters. PSE’s EOC designs employ the latest state-of-the-art technology, to provide flexibility and technological resources to manage an incident effectively while keeping the operation simple and easy to manage.

The following rooms were utilized for the deployment of multimedia and communications technology: Privacy and Sequestering Room, EOC First Stage Activation Room, Unified Command/Joint Command Group Room & the EOC Full Activation Room. A multimedia control and feed was also provided to the Delco 9-1-1 Emergency Response Center within the facility.

Multimedia Management System

  • Multiple touchscreen A/V controllers
  • Live broadcast feeds
  • Internet broadcast beeds
  • Multimedia switching capability
  • Voice and data distribution
  • Large flat LCD screen and multimedia projection displays
  • Fixed and mobile video conferencing system

Tele/Data Infrastructure

  • Equipment rack layouts
  • Structured cabling and conduit
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi switch deployment
  • Wireless laptop cart system
  • UPS system
  • Systems integration
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