Security Assessments, Physical CPTED Security, Electronic Security

Electronic SecurityWe create enterprise-wide strategic security, communication, and safety plans that incorporate our responsibility as a partner to provide a comprehensive and highly coordinated program.

PSE has provided security, courts security, police station security, college and university security, hospital security, performing arts security, casino security, behavioral health facility security, outpatient health facility security, corporate/management/REIT security, and county/state/local security.

PSE has experienced security managers, fire safety managers, on-line law enforcement experience, field electronics experience, network security, and communications experience including secure cyber protection, business continuity, and executive security management training.

With hundreds of projects completed and in design currently underway nationally and worldwide, Owners, Architects, and Design-Build teams have trusted us to deliver detailed construction documents and specifications within budget and with no change orders.

The highest levels of safety and security are maintained through client-focused sustainable high-tech designs in perimeter fencing and detection, manual and electrified locking systems, modern control centers, IP video surveillance, touch screen control systems, and wireless communications. We provide detention hardware specifications and schedules following ANSI 863-04 for detention security openings. We are an independent firm providing specifications, drawings, and consulting in the fields of security, perimeter design, life safety, communications, and lighting for a variety operations.

In the field of security we establish post orders and incident response procedures, master keying system design, and on-site training for security operations and evacuation exercises. PSE delivers solid recommendations and site-specific practice manuals/training.

Public Safety Answer Points – Secure IT Environments, Communications – 9-1-1

Network Information TechnologiesPSE is a leading expert in the design, coordination and integration of sophisticated systems, and technologies for diverse facilities for communications and information technology systems including public safety answer points (PSAP), emergency operation centers, executive conference suites, secure communications rooms, 9-1-1 CAD dispatch operations centers, secure hospital communications, and secure corporate data centers. Our staff’s talents included tele/data communications, network information technologies, teleconferencing, multimedia systems, and integrated voice/recording, and processing systems, applications, automation, and control systems.

Information technologies specialties include tele/datacom, cabling infrastructure, wireless 802.XXy LAN/WAN design, and integrated voice/recording and processing systems. Additionally, we provide complete A/V/V and multimedia distribution systems for academic spaces including computer classrooms, science labs, multi-media rooms, theaters, labs, and other areas. Experience includes video, data and RF head-end electronic design, media retrieval systems, and distance learning rooms.

Our trained staff includes experts in acoustics, noise and vibration control, displays/monitors/scanning systems, sound and program reproduction systems, digital intercom, and analog systems.

Life Safety Engineering

Life Safety EngineeringPSE’s fire protection experience is significant and includes high-rise sprinkler and pump design, video smoke detection systems, incipient and thermal cable fire detection, ionization/photo electric/laser smoke detection, fire door validation surveys, smoke evacuation and pressurization and fire command center design.

Our services encompass complete fire detection, suppression, and life safety systems. Signaling, fire sprinklers, monitoring, proprietary command centers, NFPA code requirements, and related components. Services ensure new and existing sites are prepared for natural and man made disasters and crisis recovery regardless of the situation. Our team prepares life safety plans, evacuation planning instructions, and detailed exit maps..

  • Fire systems renovation strategies and estimates
  • Emergency Management Services planning for occupants and fire services
  • Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
  • Emergency Operations and Preparedness including emergency action plan
  • Contingency Planning, Policy, and Procedures
  • Training, Exercises, Drills, and Evacuation Floor Plans

Acoustics and Audio/Visual Design

Acoustics and Audio / Visual DesignPSE is skilled in noise vibration control, video display engineering, A/V cabling infrastructure, Wi-Fi display controls and presentations, multi-source display media-walls, electronic masking, sound and listening enhancement systems, architectural acoustics, sound isolation systems, vibration isolation and HDMI / 4K / 16K video wall engineering.

Studies include those for HIPPA Privacy compliance, impact isolation control, reverberation control, music, practice rooms, electro-acoustics noise reduction, hum and resonance control, and high definition sound spaces.

Our trained staff includes experts in acoustics, noise and vibration control, displays/monitors/scanning systems, sound and program reproduction systems, digital intercom, and analog systems.

PSE provides diverse consulting, design, and engineering services for acoustics, audio/visual/video/multimedia, and video conferencing facilities. Our depth of expertise includes video conferencing, audio/visual facilities, and integrated remote controls. We design the most up-to-date audiovisual control systems available. Integration of audio includes analog, digital and RF infrastructure, and transmission over dedicated IP networks.

PSE is fully qualified to provide complete engineering and associated consulting services to clients and allied design professionals to facilitate project planning and overall systems quality. We provide comprehensive services and complete documentation, or individual services such as a single study, report, or schematic design. Services include perform needs analyses, feasibility studies, and life-cycle studies as required for specific projects.

Integration of Complex Communications and Video

Integration of Complex Communications and VideoPSE has significant experience in specialized systems design and facilities that are in classes by themselves.

  • Video (surveillance) software as a service (VSaaS);
  • Firefighter training facilities using computer-controlled live fire simulators;
  • Mountain tunnel lighting for heavy highway traffic;
  • Casino commission video surveillance and recording systems;
  • Video-follow-intercom digital storage/recording systems;
  • Digital video production recording, editing, and broadcast consoles;
  • Video over IP video/audio teleconferencing;
  • Computer aided dispatch centers.

PSE works directly with individual school districts and their representatives, architects, project primes, government agencies, and allied design professionals. Ambitious assignments include many school districts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, universities such as Rutgers, Penn State, Temple, Drexel, and University of Pennsylvania, and museums such as Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) and the Clay Center for Arts and Sciences of West Virginia.

Specialized Lighting

Specialized LightingPSE is in its second decade of providing specialized lighting in particular fields of high-mast/low-mast outdoor lighting, security lighting and transportation system tunnel lighting. Our depth of expertise includes sites with over 60 acres of property coverage for high illumination, as well as state-of-the-art highway tunnel lighting to retrofit existing 30-year-old fluorescent technology with our ability to integrate and document complete systems from power input through emergency sources and supplies to final construction administration and project delivery.

PSE has special training and expertise with led lighting challenges including CRI correction and reduction of energy costs, ballast bypass, fixture renewal strategies, and recycling options.

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