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Jerry 'Dutch' Forstater, PE 2016 Vol. 1 Issue 4

Every year it seems you go through the same thing over and over, planning a budget for the year out and identifying where the costs will come in. This A/V CourtTech issue describes exactly how to get the process done when your courts are antiquated and use technology that has been foreshadowed by generations of improvement years ago.

The AOC has a defined system to identify needs, formulate alternatives, structure design into a biddable format, offer the opportunity for approved contractors to bid, and get the job done on schedule.

Hiring an approved consultant such as Professional Systems Engineering, LLC as a courts technology specialist under the Discovery and Presentation phase is the first step. A task order request is simply written and responded to with the discovery and presentation task order done within 30 to 60 days. This will define the needs of the courts and establish a more structured estimate. It can include recommendations for audio, video, visual, conferencing, controls, acoustical studies, and remedies for various technology gaps. And it applies to all audio/visual, sound and video needs including libraries, conference areas, learning environments, noise issues, annoying vibrations, sound intrusion, conferencing, simultaneous language translation support, and CourtSmart/JAVs integration.

This is the actual design phase, again requiring a task order. It details specifications, construction, equipment, and expectations of the installed systems from a user, operations, and touchscreen controller standpoint.

A third task order is sent to the professional for the Installation Support phase for bidding support, review, and compliance with specification. This may be at the same time as the request for quotation of installation is sent to the approved installers list, composed of eight AOC approved installation companies for the United States and territories.

But what about budgeting the project before hiring a consultant and design professional? Could the project cost $100,000, $200,000 or even more?

Fortunately, our firm has been doing court technology systems for well over 20 years and has a meaningful experience with approximate values for most courtroom technology installations. This includes over one dozen courtrooms recently finished in design and more in the bid process.

Jerry “Dutch” Forstater, Tim Bergan, or Ryan Hughes for opinions of probable cost and budgetary allowances assures your needs will be met within guidelines, allocation, and timetable.We’ll put you at ease in discussing budgets, and putting the steps into simple procedures. Contacting our staff members including myself,

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