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Command Center Experience

Our recent experience includes dozens of command, control and communications centers, which entail everything from fire and life safety, to security, to 9-1-1 and emergency management services. The team’s capability of completing project in a successful manner are reflected in a commission. PSE was projects manager for a $7.5 million upgrade for computer-aided dispatch and records management systems for Amtrak throughout the United States. PSE already had direct responsibility for Homeland Security on the Northeast Corridor and 15 other sites throughout the United States. Amtrak found that PSE’s communications capabilities extended to CAD, computerized GIS, records management systems (RMS), and 9-1-1 dispatch services.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design may be based on Department of Homeland Security models derived through a questionnaire and objective-based design guide produced for SAFECOM. The SAFECOM protocol was recently employed in Boston, Washington, DC, and Chicago, and is a model for encompassing interoperability needs and complementary levels of service between agencies and support groups in the event of an emergency situation or disaster. This provides command, control, and communications functionality for planning event strategies, tactical missions during the event, maintenance of the site during the event, cleanup and restoration. We are able to employ an Incident Command Structure (ICS) which provides for managed interoperability as the stepping-stone for the full development cycle of the project and its active maintenance and continued improvement.

Because of the breadth of the owner, agencies and stakeholders involved to their respective roles in relation to particular events, a governance model must be established with personnel involved in EMS and emergency planning, along with all stakeholders, including hazmat, search and rescue, and equipment operators that may be involved. The policies and procedures put into place for these different events must be developed into a written or web available document that clarifies stakeholder positions, agency influencers, and ultimate command, control and communications structuring of the situation room as it relates to each possible event.

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