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Systems Management

PSE provides a wide range of services for life safety and property protection including consulting, engineering, system design, construction administration, inspections and testing, and other related services. PSE designs fire and life safety systems that protect our clients from loss of fire, security issues, and other emergency situations.


The most important part of our job is providing expert consulting to our clients. The physical operation, procedural and electronic aspects of the project are all equally important. We balance all these aspects to meet both needs and expectations.


Estimating at an early stage of a project is a blend of experience, art and construction savvy. We have over 30 years of expert systems and infrastructure estimating- totaling over $3 billion.

Planning/Programmatic Development

PSE provides complete programmatic development to accomplish the following: identify needs, confirm that necessary criteria are met, and confirm that recommendations are appropriate for the applicatio

Schematics through Construction Documents

PSE provides services in the Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Documentation phases. The Schematic phase may include general schematic studies of systems and layouts for the intended site. In the Design Development phase, drawings demonstrate further development of the planned systems, and refinement of the specific locations of equipment and its layout. In the final phase, Construction Documentation, CAD systems are used to locate individual items, and render the final design onto Contract Documents. PSE staff completes the process with precision coordination of custom technical specifications.

Construction Observation

PSE provides complete Construction Observation services to check the installation and progress of systems punch lists, and field reports. We note any difficulties and resolve problems quickly.

Testing and Commissioning

PSE provides testing and commissioning of systems. This may include physical testing of each piece of equipment to verify its operation and level of performance. PSE also checks equipment to determine that it is fully certified to meet specifications and required codes Construction Management

PSE’s construction management experience is extensive. We have provided services for security, fire protection, communications, and audio/visual/multimedia. Client sectors have included education, justice, corporate and corrections.


PSE provides system-specific training for the owners’ training team. PSE develops sample training programs and necessary documentation. We recommend training schedules and curriculum tailored for the application. Our training is student-centered and aimed to help users become efficient in the use of security, communication and safety systems.

Warranty Services

We provide post-occupancy inspection to assist the owner in benefiting from all system capabilities. PSE works to resolve system malfunctions prior to warranty expiration.

Operating Policies and Procedures

Working in conjunction with the owners’ administration/operations team, PSE develops operating scenarios, policies, procedures and post orders aimed to help operate the facility efficiently, and consistent with their mission. Our services include system- specific operational requirements to aid Control Center Operators in processing entrants securely, accurately and promptly.


With our staffs unique perspectives matched with diverse experience, PSE has been retained as key researcher, forensic inspector, claim analyzer, and patent reviewer on $200 million losses and infringement claims, mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical and electronics mastery combined with our communications technology understanding offers significant resource depth.

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