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Plan and Code Review

The firm has been providing Plan and Code Review since 1980s, having served the Philadelphia High Rise Fire Board and Licensing and Inspection. Our cross training of engineering disciplines allows a thorough platform for protection and continuity of operations even under the most serious natural or man-made events.

Life and Property Safety

  • Fire and smoke detection, containment, and suppression systems are the first line of defense in today’s building codes. No era in history has so remarkably changed the expectations and actions demanded of our fire protection, smoke and fire alarm systems, water pumps, emergency lighting, and exiting signage systems. Demands of code enforcement require a thorough and practical knowledge of systems, operation, and human interaction to demonstrate full compliance with legislative acts that bind a community with safe construction practices.
  • Electrical systems and subsystems, power generation, grounding, and lightning protection systems now present enormous undertakings for the typical agency or department that has the knowledge, but lacks the manpower, to thoroughly inspect for unpredictable emergency events. It is just these events that challenge chances of blackouts and power losses at a site where personal safety is of utmost importance.

Mechanical Standards and Regulations

  • Compliance with ASHRAE, NSA, local codes, and health standards predicates planning, evaluation, and support for smooth construction compliance. Especially difficult to analyze are control systems that can promote harmful or even fatal bacteriological or environmental conditions in buildings that had too little inspection by knowledgeable, trained technicians. Individual team members apply best practices to minimize the probability of conditions leading to restricted occupancy or closure.
Life and Property Safety
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