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Correctional Planning, Design & Consulting

PSE provides space planning and design coordination with the Architect of Record for correctional planning including dining configurations, support spaces, kitchen workflow, trash/garbage/recycling security, staged construction access and milestone completion activities, and re-security.

  • We provide integrated security and correctional programming and zoning to include attack ratings, security hardening, control needs analysis, and standards review. This ensures correctional standards are being met for equipment, fixtures, systems, tamperproof hardware, and furnishings in inmate accessible areas.
  • We provide consulting services to review and make recommendations for correctional-based design elements throughout the project. This includes objective evaluations and clear alternatives and recommendations made to the Design Team based upon correctional requirements for each area of the prison.
  • We review the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the project design.
  • We examine facility operational flows as they pertain to maintaining functional security considering population and staff movement, admission requirements, and security and safety concerns. This provides overall needs-based design requirements for the facility including its population and employees.
  • We investigate and document requirements for standards as they relate to bidding, systems, and voltage requirements as they pertain to our scope of work.
  • We review mechanical design with MEP to provide recommendations for security bars in ducts as they pass from one security area to another. Grilles on supply air and return air outlets are reviewed for maximum security. Security grilles in bathrooms and shower areas are reviewed for maximum security and stainless steel design. We provide recommendations as required to meet the needs for maximum security.
  • We review the plumbing design and provide recommendations for plumbing fixtures, accessories, all related piping and necessary plumbing work in inmate accessible areas to include toilets, showers, kitchens, and janitor closets. We provide recommendations for maximum-security fixtures and fittings as required in these areas.
  • We provide reviews for the electrical design for this project. We recommend appropriate vandal-proof lighting fixtures, lighting system, lighting control, convenience, and special outlet systems within inmate areas.
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