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Homeland Security & Facility Hardening Services

PSE’s Homeland Security services have already been successfully implemented by entities in the Chemical, Nuclear, Transportation, and Healthcare industries. Our services provide continuous innovations to aid in the mitigation of risk and to develop meaningful solutions to support the mission of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security necessitates the use of performance based standards as found in the Code of Federal Regulations to prevent and protect against attacks, safeguard continued operation, and comply with federal requirements. PSE covers sectors such as Energy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Healthcare and Agriculture.

Our ability to meet the demands required by the Department of Homeland Security and the Code of Federal Regulations are a testament to the capabilities we provide. By meeting the best practices and performance based standards required in each sector, PSE is capable of providing specific recommendations, operations, and designs. Following DHS regulations and screenings, understanding and dissecting the Code of Federal Regulations, our services ensure new and existing sites are prepared for terrorist activities, sabotage, natural disasters, and crisis recovery.

Facility Hardening:

Facility Hardening requires the evaluation of the risks and threats making a facility vulnerable to internal and external threats. Catastrophic events are reviewed, both natural and man-made, intentional and unintentional, as well from insiders and outsiders. We “harden” the ability for a facility to withstand these events requires the identification, reduction and elimination of the possible threat. We will assess the likelihood, nature, and consequence of acts, events, or existing conditions that would threaten the sustainability of a facility. Once an assessment is complete, we will issue appropriate recommendations to ensure the survivability of a facility. The following steps are part of our Facility Hardening process:

  • Our Hazard Analysis determines the likelihood or chance of a hazardous event occurring and the consequences of such an event. This involves investigating multiple scenarios that could impact the continued operation of a site.
  • Our Vulnerability Assessment will identify critical assets and areas within a site that necessitate protection. We understand site vulnerabilities, layout, operations, and infrastructure coupling with passive, “green”, and less costly solutions.
  • Our recommendations provide specialized guidance and design for improvements and upgrades recommended to limit damage to the sites critical infrastructure and protect community and employee populations, while increasing productivity, and decreasing loss of time and product.

PSE Services:

PSE works directly with private and government sector clients in evaluating their physical security policies, practices and programs, critical infrastructure protection measures, operational security requirements, and security technology issues. By sustaining the mission of Homeland Security, PSE provides insight and expertise in delivering cost-effective and innovative Homeland Security services.

  • Facility Hardening – By analyzing and assessing a site, PSE is able to recommend and provide sector specific security design including: Perimeter Fencing, Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance, Security Lighting, Access Controls, Communications, and Operation Centers.
  • Operations – PSE’s capabilities extend to operational support which includes: Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), Emergency Operations and Preparedness, Contingency Planning, Policy and Procedures, and Training, Exercises and Drills.
  • System Design – PSE employs security professionals, engineers, CAD specialists, and project managers capable of providing services through the lifecycle of any construction project. From Master Planning, Design, Commissioning, and training the qualified and highly experienced staff at PSE can provide services throughout all phases of construction.
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