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High Security Sites and Campus Environments

Electromechanical/Pneumatic Openings, Locks, and Physical Security

Our staff is skilled in all aspects of openings, especially meeting strict fire code requirements and the highest security protected portals. Our experience includes large pneumatic door/lock projects, complete hardware specifications, “SETS” documentation, and critical site commissioning and testing to rigid “anti-terrorism, hardened inmate, and gang” standards of practice.

Professional Systems Engineering’s talented staff have years of experience in BHMA hardware, ASTM Grade 1 openings, electric solenoid, electro-mechanical half cycle and full cycle locks, pneumatic sliders, high security locks, and UL Listed attack hardened detention hardware. The diversity of physical security assignments have included automated antiballistic revolving openings, optical and physical turnstiles, fire/smoke-rated openings, K-rated sallyports, inertial vehicle barrier systems, “SCIF” enclosures, anti-terrorism protection, and physical fencing and attack-rated barriers/assemblies.

With over 30 years of openings, locking, and physical security consulting; here are examples:

  • The $135 million Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC required detention locking, egress keying, master keying systems, and key control. Full documentation, user program, training, and commissioning included high security fencing, sallyports, and gate controls.
  • The $431 million SCI Phoenix near Philadelphia required detention and openings consulting including attack resistance, physical security barrier specifications/narratives, detention locks/doors/gates/sliders, and complete maximum security fencing, sallyports, and K-rated barriers.
  • The $45 million Niagara Falls Police and Courts Facility included detention locks, openings, construction administration, and closeout.
  • The State of New Jersey Bayside State Prison’s $2 million detention openings renovation occurred while fully occupied replaced old openings with new pneumatic sliders, cell locks, and related hardware and controls.
  • Philadelphia Industrial Corrections Complex’s (PICC) 10-year pod by pod renovation included significant lock and detention openings upgrades to meet stricter security goals while automating all operable doors/gates to meet the highest standards.
  • San Francisco’s $135 million Jail #3 required PSE to provide substantial documentation and commission the locking systems, openings, detention frames, hollow metal and related locks, and controls.
  • The $75 million Clay Center for the Arts and Science in West Virginia required all our specified hardware and openings with electronic control.
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